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Monday, August 25, 2003

What's Wrong With World Government?

I'm fed up with whining from conservatives and Republicans about the threat of "World Government" (or even the expansion of socialist Europe to a more dominant role in the world.) Jumping from Rothbard's "Nationalities Question", I don't see why these people can sit around watching Fox News while the world is in a state of "international anarchy!" If their logic holds, a single, territorial monopolist on coercion and force (government) which at least provides police, defense and judicial services (the "minimal state") is necessary. They argue that without such a monopoly "anarchy and chaos" will ensue! Yet, they calmly sit around while hundreds of competing monopolists (governments) exist all over the world! There must be some mathematical formula for the exact size of a "territory" to be monopolized! Frankly, I'm annoyed at not only their apathy, but the resistance to pointing out this chaotic mess! They even have the nerve to ridicule the United Nations--a noble attempt to form a world governming institution! Rothbard points out:

"Minarchist libertarians and conservatives balk at the inner logic of world government for obvious reasons: for they fear correctly that world taxation and world socialization would totally and irreversibly suppress the liberty and property of Americans. But they remain trapped in the logic of their own position."

If a world government leads to a monopoly sending us down the "road to serfdom," how do these idiots not realize they are stuck on some notion of geography! If a territorial monopoly is SO IMPORTANT to mainting life, liberty and property, then these idiots ought to advocate a world government! If a world goverment is not desirable, then their entire argument falls apart!

The moral of the story: conservatives, Republicans and the idiot "minarchists" or minimum Statists need to stop being wimps and start advocating world government.

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