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Saturday, August 09, 2003

A Reader's Response

As much respect as i have for dan McCarthysim his interpretation of "the royal tenenbaums" is all wrong. I told him that it is a beatiful story of how reconcilliation can take place; he informed me that it was like the neocons who say the "ends justify the means." I would like to say that this is total b*llsh*t. This movie showed that nobody planned to live their life hedonistically and then make up for it in the end, hence justifying their means with the ends. It totally points out that no matter how bad we screw up we can still make amends. It is ludicrous for people to tie this movie in with the neocon movement. Those bastards begin with the premise that the ends justify the means; therefore "the royal tenebaums" is no such movie. In this movie, people are moving aimlessly through life trying to hedonistically satiate themselves. However, this movie teaches that there is still the possibilty of redemption, even if you see the error of your ways very late in life i.e. the thief on the cross. This movie did not justify an ' nds justify the means approach.' It showed the possibility of redemption no matter how bad one has f***ed up. Just because McCarthyism didn't like this movie, doesn't mean it sucked. It only shows that McCarthyism is a political genius and not a movie critic. Seriously, this is the guy who liked "Bride of Chucky." Pay attention to what mcCarthyism has to say about politics, disregard his movie criticism.

Your Noble and Learned Friend,
Peter Anderson

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