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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Take Your Coloring Books and Go Back To the Kiddie Table, This Is For Intellectuals

The greatest thing about talking to a Republican or Fox News Conservative (you know, the people sitting at the kiddie table during intellectual discussions) is that they continue to spout the idea the the State is some sort of "protection agency," preserving order, life and property! Unfortunately for them, this view finds no theoretical or historical evidence and is tantamount to some sort of religious fervor for Statism. I BELIEVE THE STATE IS NECESSARY, THEREFORE IT IS AND WITHOUT IT WE HAVE CHAOS! Maybe if these people actually read something other than their coloring books (i.e. any book by someone named Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly, Savage, etc), such as Charles Tilly's War Making and State Making As Organized Crime, they could formulate an effective argument. And since some of them seem to find reading difficult, this link is to an article that is not only short but simple enough for a third grader to comprehend! Instead, these children make ridiculous comments about the "minimal state" (which never existed) and the need for government to "prevent represson" (the State ITSELF is the greatest example of repression, oppression and violence in human history) and that government prevents chaos (in fact, government is actually the creator of chaos, see Mises or even Hayek on socialism or the next great economist on error and chaos What's next? I can't wait to hear how public officials are driven by an interest in the social good!

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