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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Stop the Neo-con Hating

During the Monica Lewinsky scandal the "vast" right-wing "playa haters" crawled out of their little holes. They talked a lot about Clinton "lying to the American people," but what they really meant is that Clinton gets ladies and they don't! And now, as Irving Kristol describes, the "neo-con haters" have emerged. Just like the "playa haters," the neo-con haters lament their lack of women, money and power. Think about all the people hating on the neo-cons: internet writers and pansy liberal commentators. It is no coicidence that neither of these groups fall into the category of the "power elite" at the moment. Just like rappers get hated on for rollin' in the dropped 64 chevy and "bling bling"-ing, the neo-cons meet disdain for their flaunting of military "shock and awe" upon the children of Iraq and their news conferences to update Americans on the newest "threat to liberty." Word to all the hopeless conservatives and libertarians: stop hating the neocons for having weapons and women. Stop sitting around your little computers in the middle of the night devising the newest insight on the history of neo-con thought. We all know its just a shameless attempt to mask your insecurities. . .

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