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Sunday, August 03, 2003

More Government Needed

A couple were arrested on child abuse charges for allegedly keeping their 5-year-old twin sons locked in filthy makeshift cages for nearly 20 hours a day. Surely we need a new government program to put a stop to these human rights violations! And just because the government showed up in 2001 to check out the conditions -- "State Child Protective Services officials received one complaint alleging the boys were neglected in 2001, but child-welfare workers visited the home twice and reported the children were outside playing, in good health and good spirits, agency spokeswoman Liz Barker said" -- doesn't mean the program is a failure. It just needs more money, more employees and less parental rights!

A reader writes in response to this: "they should put those people in small cages with cockoroaches and leave them there in their feces and urine to live for the rest of their lives." Fortunately, in the U.S., no such deterrent exists!

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