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Friday, August 01, 2003

Paul Krugman is a fool! Let's examine the evidence. Krugman claims that California's public school system was once "lauded" and that evil taxpayers are "starving" the system. As a product of the California public school system (as evident based on my deplorable use of the English language), I can remember a few things:
1. Lots of "minorities" receiving free lunches
2. Make that lots of "minorities" receiving free lunches, breakfasts and "snacks"
3. A Fifth grade teacher who not only mispelled the word "field" (she used "feild" to spell "field trip"), but she argued about it with a fifth grade student! To this day I doubt she realizes the error.
4. California public schools make perfect narcotics distribution centers (imagine the informational problems the market would have without such government intervention!)

Then Krugman (for a while I thought this guy was an economist but then I realized how HORRIBLE he is at that profession he has been forced to take up the role of political anaylst) rants about California being worse than Washington for failing to confront the real problems. The real problem, Paul, is that the state of California cannot create money and credit out of thin air in order to fund socialist government programs. Period. End of Story. There is no other reason for the difference.

In the meantime, California is a circus! And isn't it wonderful? Government looks like one, big freak show. Hey, even Larry Flynt is getting in on the fun! As Tupac would say, to live and die in LA, its the place to be!

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