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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The Liquidation of Professional Sports Teams and Redistribution of Talent, a comment by George Kosturko aka GORF

"As a fan of the New York Yankees, I would gladly trade the rights of the State of Florida to Cuba for some middle relief prospects and a good third baseman."

Ricky Williams, Dontrelle Willis, Tracy McGrady and Pavel Bure. Could you imagine this type of caliber player on your team, without the help of any fantasy league system? Probably not, but if it were feasible to contract all four major professional sports leagues (National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association and National Hockey League), these players may wind up in the starting rotation of your favorite team.

Now I am not talking about returning to the days of the original six in the NHL or back when the NBA and MLB were strictly in the United States. Over the last 20 years, 9 exhibition sports franchises have graced the state of Florida resulting in 4 championships (Dolphins, Panthers, Marlins and most recently Tampa Bay) Now, those in the state of Florida may be angered by these statements since the Boston Red Sox have not won a World Series since 1918 and the Chicago Cubs even longer. It took the NY Rangers some 40 years to return Lord Stanley’s Cup to New York.

Watch a sports highlight real for the Devil Rays, Heat, Panthers and Lightning. See something in common? Could it be the glare of those empty seats in the arenas that these teams play in? How is hockey supposed to survive in a system where the government closes the school if the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit?

I am not talking about total contraction, but ease some of the teams away from the Florida market. In Florida, there are the universities that have phenomenal college football programs which contend for the national championship every year. Do they really need another football team? In the spring, half of the teams of the MLB visit Florida to take part in their spring training programs. For a month, some 18 professional baseball teams call Florida their home. Why does the state need two more?

If the idea of contraction were to exist, the players on these franchises would be spread out over the other existing teams in their appropriate league. Since each team would have another franchise player to add to the roster, the games in the leagues would be more exciting since their would be tougher competition all around. It would make the athletes work even harder to maintain a position on their roster and demanding 100% each time they step on the field, because if they failed, well, there is another able body to do their job. Maybe this contraction would cause player contracts to remain at a certain level instead of skyrocket to even more astronomical levels as they are doing now. Who knows? As a fan of the New York Yankees, I would gladly trade the rights of the State of Florida to Cuba for some middle relief prospects and a good third baseman. Heck, with the U.S. burdened by rising deficits and Social Security program bankruptcy, dumping the retirement home that is Florida could help avert a financial crisis. Thus, proving once again that with less focus on politics and government and more time on sports, the world would be a better place.

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