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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Greatest Commentary Site in History Mentions


"This site was recommended to me by sometimes contributor "Wilky". The complaints this aptly named "jackass" registers are ridiculous. To think that I hid under the veil of "Libertarian" in high school to curb the ridicule of being a conservative. "Nazi/Soviet security forces"? What airports have these guys been flying out of? I'd estimate that I've flown ten to 15 times since September 11th, 2001 and not a single time did I feel my rights were being violated. Sure they ask for your photo ID. Hell I got patted down flying out to New York after failing a metal detector test. I suppose this is somehow the Nazi "Show me your papers!" drill? Give me a break, I have no fear of being carted off to a gulag in Alaska for the rest of my days and nor should you. If you guys are truly concerned about socialist infiltration then I suggest you stop worrying about Bush and the "Neo-cons" and start worrying about the leftists within our own country and the socialists across the Atlantic."

Despite the reviewers obvious dodging of any real issue, I think the comments are rather congenial! Let's hope they keep the gulags in the middle of the U.S in warmer climates like they did during World War II! Please visit that site -- The analysis, particularly on economic issues, is just plain dazzling!

Unfortunately, the reviewer fails -- or chooses not to -- acknowledge that conservatives AND liberals are both Statists and collectivists! In simple terms, they use identical means to achieve (sometimes) different ends. For example, liberals (Democrats) want the State to steal private property and redistribute it to their favored political groups(welfare). Conservatives (Republicans) want the State to steal private property and redistribute it to their favored political groups (warfare). When examined in real terms, the reviewer's disdain for European Statism is laughable at best. For more, see the below post titled "What's Wrong With World Government?" I still have not received an answer.

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