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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ariel Cohen (of the Heritage Foundation) on NRO on Iraq Oil

Cohen states: "Security analysts divide these attacks into two categories. The first comprises looting and plunder of the oil infrastructure, including fields, pumping stations, pipelines, and refineries. Organized crime is also getting in on the action, as was shown in the interception of a barge carrying 1,000 tons of stolen Iraqi oil. Smugglers typically ship oil to Iran, which re-flags and re-exports it."

What's the difference between this and U.S. military forces sweeping in, taking over the barges, pipelines and oil production and "re-exporting" the oil? Are the smugglers violating property rights? If so, whose property rights, the Iraqis? I don't recall the Iraqis signing over their rights to oil to the U.S.
Then Cohen says: "The number of Iraqi guards necessary to provide security must be increased. The U.S. should consider hiring an international-security company to administer pipeline security. Such a contractor could also train the Iraqi "rent-a-cop" guards for the task. The U.S. should pay the Iraqi tribes whose areas the pipelines cross to keep the looters and terrorists out. We should also cut our payments, in proportion to any damages incurred, if security is violated."

Hmm. Private security? Well that's interesting, but does this sound like a racket to anyone else? Invade a country, take over the pipeline and then threaten not to pay for it if the tribes don't comply and provide security? Do these tribes or the people of Iraq have anything to do with the attacks on the pipelines and barges?

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