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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

A Reader's Response!

Courtesy of LJ's hero, Daniel McCarthy:

A friend of mine who reads LJ regularly had this to say. I think you may
actually agree with him:

"The only problem I have with [libertarian] is that it seems to
obsess over "the State" which just gets tiresome after a while, even though it's the
essence of libertarianism I guess. Generally it's just best to forget the
state and confront personalities instead. Not only because it is closer to
the truth and better writing, it's also more fun to read about scathing
criticisms of other people, not the faceless "state." Writing "the State"
in every other sentence makes one sound like...well, a real
libertarian-type, and they should be one of the prime targets of"

Libertarian Jackass Note:Thanks for the hate mail. In fact, in an as-yet-unpublished academic paper, I criticize Rothbard, Hoppe et al, on this exact point! Unfortunately on here it often serves as an easy metaphor, ESPECIALLY in response to Statist arguments (many of the posts so far are take offs on imbecilic comments I receive from Republican and conservative kiddies with minimal understanding of the importance of human action). One of the main inspirations for LJ was Mises's emphasis that praxeological economic and political analysis must trace all phenomena back to individual human action and not devolve into endless rambling about "the State." Please stay tuned or feel free to submit your insights.

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