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Friday, November 28, 2003


Victor Davis Hanson worries about illegal immigration in Cali:

Thus do we get in the habit of talking about illegal immigration in economic rather than in moral terms. But consider the situation from a moral perspective. Do we really expect hard-working youths from central Mexico to work 30 years in construction, hotels or the fields without marrying, having children, losing jobs or getting hurt? And how can such workers without legal status, education or mastery of English support a family on $10 an hour when most native Americans can't do so on $20? Will we continue to shrug and say, "At least the money is better than in Mexico," or, "None of our own people will do the work," or, "They are going to drive anyway, so let's give them driver's licenses," all the easy platitudes that justify the current chaos?

Translation: Hanson can't find any economic data to support his anti-immigrant stance. Individuals in California must benefit from illegal immigrant employees, why else would they be hired? Vic, I'm with you bro, let's do away with all driver's licenses! He continues:

Tragically, political correctness makes it nearly impossible to discuss illegal immigration in any kind of rational way without being labeled racist or nativist. Indeed, even the legal term "illegal alien" is now politically incorrect, and is being replaced by "undocumented worker." But most know that not all illegal immigrants are workers, and that the problem of illegal immigration involves more than a lack of proper documentation.

Let me see your papers, comrade! Why the need for all this documentation? I traveled many places in Europe and never once needed to present an "ID card". Could it be the expanding public property and public benefits extended to illegals--in other words some bureaucratic mechanism (IDs, papers) are needed to control redistribution? Despite arguments to the contrary, I think racism is at play here, folks. If I was a conservative defending the democratic nation-state, granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (voters) would be nauseating. The conservative guagmire: defending the democratic state or solving the "chaos" of illegal immigration. Both cannot be done.

Unfortunately, the situation will continue to devolve for the forseeable future as factories leave Mexico for the more attractive low wage, low crime opportunities of China.

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