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Monday, August 04, 2003

Idiot Libertarians

I sometimes encounter idiot (or ignorant) libertarians claiming that "socialism" works--as long as its tried with small groups. Well, a certain libertarian organization holding its summer seminars experimented with this idea. Without market prices for meals, chaos has ensued. Not only are shortages occuring, but the organization has resorted to rationing food (i.e. only 1 serving per person regardless of demand). The central planners (kitchen staff) have resorted to using "rough estimates" for food preparation based on the number of people present at the conference. But, the amount produced is purely arbitrary it seems and not at all catered to the preferences and demands of consumers. Fortunately, the food is not actually produced at the site, showing once again socialism can persist if real markets exist outside. For the idiot libertarians, and especially idiots of all stripes who continue to maintain that socialism is feasible, do your homework.

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