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"Life is short, but truth works far and lives long; let us speak truth." -- Schopenhauer

Sunday, October 09, 2005


We threw a splendid cocktail party last evening at the Luxury Beach Villa. I scattered tealights all over the outdoor patio and throughout the house, giving it a glowing ambience. Thanks to all the friends and family in attendance. The guest list was massive and invitations went out worldwide, tempting invitees to sample great wines, great food and to celebrate the company of great friends.

The afterparty moved to a marvelous restaurant in CDM, where one friend remarked: "I've never seen anything like this in my life." Referring, of course, to the gorgeous women of Newport Beach. We are certainly blessed in that regard. Another friendly comment: "J, everytime I see your face it costs me at least $300." My apologies.

As Adam once told us: "A big kitchen, good friends and great wine . . . that's the essence of happiness." Personally, I think these conditions are necessary but not sufficient. The essence of happiness is in the pursuit of truth and human understanding. But, that's a conversation topic we can discuss over the next bottle of pinot noir.

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