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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Many libertarians focus their efforts on the Federal gang. Here at Libertarian Jackass, we keep an eye on the other death squad: the Los Angeles police department:
In less than an hour, the number of cops had swelled to about 100--with snipers stationed on the rooftops surrounding the dealership and SWAT officers at the perimeters.

At this time, Lorena Lopez's younger brother Joshua tried to get police to let him talk to Raul, but they refused. "Actually, I wanted to talk to him face-to-face," Joshua told LA Weekly. "I know I could have made him understand. And I know he never would have done harm to his daughter."

Less than three hours after police arrived, SWAT officers stormed the dealership, firing 60 rounds into its small office. When the gunfire stopped, Raul and Susie were dead.
Where are the protests? More from the San Fran Gate.

At first, police said Pena had taken his daughter as a hostage. A few days later, they polished their story and insisted the girl was more like a human shield. Either way, they said, the responsibility for this tragic chain of events belongs to Pena.

Meanwhile, the mother of the dead toddler, Lorena Lopez, is screaming to the Spanish-language press -- and anyone else who will listen -- that the police killed her baby, that authorities should have made her child's safety their top priority and that she wants justice. She even -- surprise -- has an attorney and plans to sue the police department.

Then there are the sideshows. Black community activists, many of whom have had their own run-ins with the LAPD, have rallied to Lopez's side. Some of the more vocal elements of the Latino immigrant community are hysterical with anger. That includes the fool who, according to the Associated Press, irresponsibly yelled out in Spanish at the girl's funeral: "The police are assassins!"

No, they're not. They're just ordinary people who found themselves in a terrible situation whose outcome will probably haunt them forever. Assistant Police Chief George Gascon has acknowledged that some of the officers involved are now having "tremendous emotional problems" and may not come back to work.
No, they're assassins. It may feel good to believe otherwise, but that doesn't change reality.
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