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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Terri Schiavo and The Hegelian Roots of Nazism

An interesting article from WND claims the transformation of Germany began under the Weimar Republic's re-education programs emphasizing an individual's "worth" based on "contributions to the State." This identifies the roots of the Holocaust and World War II not in Hitler, Nazism, and anti-Semitism, but in the Weimar's "quality of life" programs.

As the article notes, this gave justification to the Nazi euthanasia programs. For example:

In an Associated Press release published in the New York Times Oct. 10, 1933, entitled "Nazi Plan to Kill Incurables to End Pain; German Religious Groups Oppose Move," it was stated: "The Ministry of Justice, in a detailed memorandum explaining the Nazi aims regarding the German penal code, today announced its intentions to authorize physicians to end the sufferings of the incurable patient. The memorandum ... proposed that it shall be possible for physicians to end the tortures of incurable patients, upon request, in the interest of true humanity.

National health care soon followed and once this government program proved a gigantic failure . . .

This precipitated the 1939 order to cut federal expenses. The national socialist government decided to remove "useless" expenses from the budget, which included the support and medical costs required to maintain the lives of the retarded, insane, senile, epileptic, psychiatric patients, handicapped, deaf, blind, the non-rehabilitatable ill and those who had been diseased or chronically ill for five years or more. It was labeled an "act of mercy" to "liberate them through death," as they were viewed as having an extremely low "quality of life," as well as being a tax burden on the public.

Next, the Nazi's polished off the orphans, the beggars, gypsies, street people, etc., parasites of the State funds all. This was also done under the "quality of life" justification and cleared the way for persecution of religious and political opposition groups that prevented the Nazi government from creating a truly great society.

With the current media buzz surrounding Terri Schiavo, while I do not agree the State (with its agent, the great Jeb Bush) ought to intervene, I am weary of the argument that she ought to "die in peace" because she merely exists in a vegetative state.

More importantly, as "the State" in the U.S. continues to replace traditional social institutions like the family or the church in providing health care, child care, etc., what happens after the (as I see it) inevitable collapse in the ability of the government to fund such liabilities? The Nazis chose to let the dependents of the State die to increase the quality of life for society . . .

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