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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Anyone Up For A Little Fun On Al-Bataween Street?

Thanks to Daniel McCarthy for keeping me on task here .

The Telegraph reports that "women in Baghdad are turning to backstreet abortionists to avoid the risk of family honour killings."

If you follow the link and read the article, notice two items. First, as McCarthy's bias reveals, the U.S. presence in Iraq certainly has not decreased instances of promiscuity and abortionism.

Second, and more interesting, is that Iraq permits midwifery! To be honest, I'm not aware of the laws in the U.S., but I do know there is a movement to legalize the practice. The evil, unionized, cartelized medical industry in the U.S continues to force individuals to pay more for such services to a "doctor."

Still, you have to love the policies of Saddam, not unlike any other government in the Western, civilized world: "Prostitution has become widespread in Baghdad since the end of the war, a number of brothels have opened and several areas now function as red-light districts, particularly Al-Bataween Street. Under Saddam, women found working as prostitutes were liable to be executed - although well-connected pimps regularly provided girls for the corrupt Ba'ath Party ruling class."

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