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Thursday, October 16, 2003

"We should count ourselves lucky for just about everything, including drawing breath."

Dirty But Clean, DBC Pierre, wins the Man Booker literary prize. His secret? "He took huge quantities of cocaine and robbed his friends." Heroic?

Don't worry, there was a point in linking this article other than the celebration of drug use! Pierre talks of his tragic life experiences (his "cultural homelessness, the death of his father and a "towering self-delusion," worthy of inspiration all) that seemed to fuel his creativity. Yet, one event stands out:

Over the next two years, things got rapidly worse for the family. "I think it was a Thursday," says Pierre, "when the Mexican government closed all the banks, nationalised them overnight and devalued their currency six fold. Then floated the currency. We essentially lost... everything."

Thanks, Mexico, for providing more evidence that currency devaluation (inflationism) destroys society not only economically, but culturally!

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