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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

NAM President Jerry Jasinowski, Making Life Suck for Americans

Just a reminder: don't get caught up in the media fog surrounding the U.S. dollar being "too expensive" compared to the euro or the Chinese yuan being too "undervalued" compared to the U.S. dollar. In the interest of Americans, is preparing to launch a campaign complaining exessively that the U.S. dollar is not expensive enough! That is, each dollar I have doesn't buy enough of the goods and services I desire. Frankly, this is completely unfair and threatens the nascent economic recovery in the U.S. If my dollar isn't worth enough, how the heck am I going to be able to fuel consumption which as we all know accounts for two-thirds of U.S. GDP? Opposition to this campaign will, of course, be stacked with the big guns. The U.S. National Association of Manufactures (NAM) led by President Jasinowski is presenting the issue as vital to the U.S. economic recovery, but they are really advocating a cheaper dollar policy--one that ensures each dollar in your pocket buys fewer goods and services. Another obvious example of politics and economics colliding, with the manufacturing interests seeking to benefit at the expense of the rest of the consumers. But, do not fear, LJ wil not let such injustice stand!

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