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Monday, October 13, 2003

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Are the Dittoheads in fear of wandering aimlessly without Rush? From Daniel McCarthy:

This link should take you to a WorldNetDaily on-line poll asking readers for their reactions to Rush Limbaugh's disclosure of his painkiller addiction. And guess what? The leading response, with a whopping 41.8%, is "...his honesty in admitting problem makes me espect him even more." The next most popular reactions are "Rush is still the king!" and "...his personal problems don't affect my opinion of him." The buzz on is just the same!

Freepers are particularly ridiculous, because they keep asserting such things as "the Liberals would throw their wounded to the Wolves. Conservatives leave No American behind" (crazy Freeper capitalizations included for effect)." That's bullshit of course; the feminists always stood by Clinton despite all of the sexual harassment and even rape that he was charged with. And didn't every Democrat in the Senate vote to acquit Clinton at his impeachment? Looks like Rush's fans are about as hypocritical as the big man himself, but then I guess that's why they call them Dittoheads. Monkey see, monkey do.

Something I hadn't even thought of before is just how lost at sea some of these people might be without Rush. They can't afford to lose him, he defines who they are. No wonder they've closed ranks around their leader.

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