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Friday, October 31, 2003

The 'Gropenator' Rides On

Jim Rome is furious at Arnold's penchant for creating clever 'Terminator'-like nicknames. Most recently, Arnold went to D.C. to argue with the State managers about getting more cash for California, referring to himself as the "Collectinator." Rome may be embarrassed and pissed off, but his comments reflect why I love the whole Arnold debacle: he is making a mockery out of our entire system! Rome writes,

Why is the newly-elected Governor of my state trying to be funny on any level in regards to this? He's making a mockery of the whole election process and the tragic fires.

Do me a favor, and the next time you go somewhere, don't end the speech by saying 'I'll be back'. That is if it's not too much to ask.

Since you are the governor, you can stop with turning yourself into the 'whatever-nator' jokes. If you're going to call yourself anything, call yourself 'The Gropenator' or 'The Group Sexinator' or something like that. But enough with trying to incorporate the names and movies into your public policy and behavior. We need a governor in California, not another bad joke.

I say that as I'm out the door to look at real estate in Nevada and Arizona.

Actually, bring on the bad jokes!

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