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Monday, September 08, 2003

The Libertarian Jackass announces preliminary endorsement in U.S presidential race: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the legendary Bill Clinton and advisors met to discuss the possibility of a 2004 Presidential run. Well, of course, the article doesn't say that but it doesn't take a genius. In keeping with the jackass tradition (we proudly support Gary Coleman for Governor of our home State), it is only reasonable to push the candidacy of a goofy woman. Why? For the answer we must quote at length the great H.L. Mencken:

"My own belief, based on elaborate inquiries and long meditation, is that the grant of the ballot to women sparks the concealed but none the less real beginning of an improvement in our politics, and, in the end, in our whole theory of government. As things stand, an intelligent grappling with some of the capital problems of the commonwealth is almost impossible."

Mencken bases this assertion on the fact that male voters are susceptible to the politician's continual invention of new "hobgoblins" and "phobias" to scare the public. Women, on the other had, being suspicious of everything (ever had a girlfriend question you after a night out with the boys?), will sniff out the lies.

However, it should be noted that because most women are more interested in gossiping, insulting and backstabbing other women, Hillary's candidacy will likely fail not based on her political positions but on the color of her nails and the content of her wardrobe.

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